Submission and Presentation

  1. Submission


All participants are encouraged to submit either a Research Note (i.e., work-in-progress) or a full-length Research Article.


Sharing one’s research ideas and work-in-progress is fundamental to building a research culture. Such sharing will be encouraged in a relaxed and respectful environment. Participants will have the opportunity to practise giving and receiving feedback, which is vital for developing a researcher.


Please follow the following format before you submit your document.


Your work-in-progress should be sent electronically, latest by 6th October 2017 to



  1. Presentation


Presenters will be given 15 minutes to share their work, ideas and thoughts.


A discussant will be assigned to each presenter. The role of the discussant is to provide useful oral and written feedback to student (10 minutes). It will be followed by audience interaction for (5 minutes).


Supporting each other is crucial for researchers’ development; therefore we expect and encourage active participation from all students.


  1. Reflection on the Conference Theme


At the end of all submissions and presentations, we encourage participants to include a brief section in which they discuss the conference theme: Developing as a researcher through perseverance. For example, students might discuss:

  • The kinds of challenges (e.g. personal, professional, or academic) they have faced in the course of their studies.
  • The impact these obstacles had on their personal, professional and academic development.
  • How they faced these challenges (coping mechanisms).
  • The kinds of support provided by the institution, peers, friends or family members that have helped them persevere through the challenges.
  • Lessons they have learned that they might be able to share with other participants.


By reflecting on the kinds of challenges that they face in the course of their research journey, students will have an opportunity to develop their self-awareness, and contribute to the climate of sharing and support BREC conferences strive to establish.

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